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Success Story: STEM Improvement Programme

Success Story:  STEM Improvement Programme

The difficulties employers face recruiting individuals with the right STEM skills is well documented and widespread (42% of employers cite this difficulty). Colleges and training providers experience similar problems recruiting and retaining STEM teaching and training staff. It is against this backdrop that The Education and Training Foundation commissioned and funded Semta to deliver a STEM Improvement Programme under The STEM Alliance banner.

In addition to delivering The STEM Exchange, Semta has implemented a wide range of initiatives to encourage greater collaboration among practitioners and the development and dissemination of STEM teaching resources and best practice; support the recruitment of STEM teachers and tutors through careers events; and produced an online recruitment and retention guide – The STEM Engage.

Take a look at the STEM Improvement Programme Evaluation Report to find out more about The STEM Alliance’s key achievements.

A snapshot of The STEM Alliance’s key achievements:

· 45 Share Workshops delivered with 85% satisfaction rate

·over 200 STEM teaching resources produced and disseminated via the Excellence Gateway

· 1,200 employers signed up to The STEM Exchange

·598 university graduates attended 12 STEM teaching career events

·57 recruitment and retention resources available on STEM Engage web platform.

Date: 16 November 2015